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(C69) [UGEMAN (Ugeppa)] -RX- Infini (Eureka Seven) [English]

What is the best way Eureka will be more well-liked by her coworkers? All she has to do is to get into “free use” mode! It’s true – she must allow anyone to fiddle with her wherever, whenever and however they will want towithout any refuses from her sideand then allthe focus will be on this petite but very attractive chick! Anemone will not make a move until the time is right at the very minimum.

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[Fetish (Apploute)] ray=out SeLeCTeD (Eureka Seven) [English]

Eureka and her pals are often in their huge jet and they must come up with a way to make the most of the time. A few of the characters are attempting to have sexual relations, and the idea will be in Eureka’s mind and when she decides to do it, she’d like to do it with Renton. Are Renton likely to accept her question in a bizarre way?

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