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(C69) [UGEMAN (Ugeppa)] -RX- Infini (Eureka Seven) [English]

What is the best way Eureka will be more well-liked by her coworkers? All she has to do is to get into “free use” mode! It’s true – she must allow anyone to fiddle with her wherever, whenever and however they will want towithout any refuses from her sideand then allthe focus will be on this petite but very attractive chick! Anemone will not make a move until the time is right at the very minimum.

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Anemone began to feel bored. She wasn’t just bored, but even more dissatisfied. The boredom causes Anemone to feel motivated and energized to do something. But don’t fret too much since she hasn’t ruined the entire world, endangered the universe or anythinglike that. She has simply put another one person nearby in his proper place – the place of her living fucktoy!

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